Wellness coaching is an effective, empowering tool to help you create lasting change.

Wellness coaching works by:

  • Connecting you with your motivation, courage, and resources to change
  • Creating realistic, action based goals
  • Defining a compelling, attainable vision of your best self
  • Identifying and engaging your strengths to overcome challenges
  • Uncovering your most brilliant, radiant self

How does it work?

You begin by completing a well being assessment which you will bring to the first session. This helps us identify and clarify your goals and set up a personalized plan.

The first session is one hour. We discuss your assessment, create a wellness vision, and develop goals.

Following sessions are 30 minutes. We discuss weekly goals, challenges and insights, and brainstorm possibilities for growth.

Whether you are looking for a one-time session to kick start a new health goal or want support over several months, we will create the right plan for you!

Coaching Pricing:

Starter Package: 150
Includes 1 hour vision session
2 30 minute coaching sessions

Basic Coaching Package: 500
12 weekly sessions

Express Coaching Package: 250
6 weekly sessions

Ala Carte services: 75 /hour